Exploring how to be a good (lean) boss and the importance of employees in a lean enterprise


Organisations in this issue include: Nationwide Building Society, Hitachi Consulting, BMA Consulting, HP Tronic, Richard Schonberger, Chris Rowe, John Bicheno and Friedemann Lutz.



The lean CFO and the economics of lean

Nick Katko, senior consultant at BMA Consultants brings his expertise of years as CFO at various financial organisations to LMJ and discusses the best way of implementing lean.


De-proliferation: potent lean pathway

Author and researcher Richard J. Schonberger, Ph.D. analyses why lean fails at a supply level and how organisations can change this expensive and time-wasting cycle by embracing the third line of lean.


Tapping the reservoir potential: your employees

Friedemann Lutz, director with Valeocon Management Consulting, teaches us how to unlock the most valuable resource your company has in terms creating a culture of continuous improvement.


From process excellence to business transformation

Jonathan Gray is VP at Hitachi Consulting, the management and technology consulting arm of Hitachi. Here he explores why Lean Six Sigma transformations fail despite the best expertise and how we can lower the rate of unfulfilled continuous improvement programmes.