• A new approach to assessments: What is the most effective way to assess an organisation’s global operations? Panalpina supply chain solutions and freight management company describes its tailored assessment method.
  • Stay focused; tailoring your assessment tools: Renault-Nissan Consulting Director Ian Robinson explains how to ensure your assessment tool is the right fit for your organisation.
  • Lean assessments; the rally-point of the journey: Assessment is not just about examining your performance once a journey is complete. It’s about knowing where you are going and how you are doing along the way. Joseph Paris explains.
  • Lean certifications; are they worth it?: A long-listed CV with certifications and rewards can be the difference between you snagging that job interview over the next candidate. But are all lean qualifications worth it? Simon Elias upsides of lean certification and what to be mindful of when looking for qualifications.
  • Making the grade: It is one thing to know how to use a lean assessment tool. It is another thing altogether to know how to design one. Lori Schmidt explains how her Canada-based organisation designed its widely-used tool.
  • Put the people back: Your lean assessment reflects your lean thinking, according to Denis Becker. So what does your assessment say if it forgets the importance of the role of people in a lean transformation?

SECTOR FOCUS: Higher education

  • Lean goes back to school: Stephen Yorkstonedeconstructs the university customer model to examine how lean practices can better prepare students for life during and after higher education.


  • The power of volunteers: Dale Gehring, Chairman of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence, talks with Jon Tudor about the world’s biggest volunteer network of lean practitioners and how the past 18 months have created a fresh new focus of the organisation.



  • In this section, LMJ’s editorial board members and readers comment on the most interesting articles from last month’s edition and share their ideas about important lean topics. This month’s contributor is LMJ editorial board member Jacob Austad.


  • Typhoon’s two-week drumbeat: Will Stirling visits BAE System’s manufacturing plant to see how lean and efficient practices are ensuring the two-week final assembly turnaround of the €90 million Typhoon jet fighter.


  • Better care starts at the top: President and CEO of St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg, Canada explains how a simple lean goal implemented correctly ensured patients received the best care possible.