Exploring the role of lean in the voluntary and charitable sectors and how it’s helping non-profits through troubled financial times

Organisations and interviews in this issue include: Guide Dogs, NCVO, Chest and Heart Stroke Scotland, St. Andrew’s University, CCBRT, Luxus Ltd, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Joseph Ricciardelli, Bill Bellows.


Lean leaders: developing people in the developing world

LMJ interviews Michael Grogan, the continuous improvement coach at CCBRT, one of the first hospitals in Africa to turn to LSS in order to deliver a better standard of care to its patients, and the troubles in bringing lean to the developing world.


Beyond budgeting: the what and the why

Get to grips with beyond budgeting with Penelope Blackwell, head of fundraising for Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland. In this article she show the similarities and divergences between lean and how the two work together for a common goal.


Lean guidance

Steve Vaid, the director of mobility services for Guide Dogs explains to LMJ how the organisation got behind lean, the changes it has wrought, and the difficulties involved in surviving as a donation-based charity in a recession and how lean has helped.


Clash of clans

Max Cadrew, from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia returns with the second article on his series on lean in the professional environment. This time focusing on the battle of wills between operational risk and lean.