• Putting the ‘service’ in public service – written by Zoe Radnor


  • The leaning library –With budget cuts and increased customer expectations, several areas of the public sector are deploying lean. Head of document delivery and customer services at the British Library, Andy Appleyard, shares part of the institution’s lean journey.
  • Lean enforcement – Harry Barton, professor of human resource management at Nottingham Business School, highlights lean values as a mechanism to reinstate trust and confidence in policing, while enhancing employee engagement.
  • From capability to practice –Rhian Hamer and Owen Jones, examine continuous improvement in the public sector and how a balanced contribution of capability, meaningful practice and evidence is the key to transforming it.
  • Going lean the Solihull wayKim Silcock, head of lean transformation at Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, shares the successes and challenges of its lean transformation.


  • Pumping lean – LMJ editor, Victoria Fitzgerald, visits Eaton Hydraulics and chats to Tyrone White about the firm’s dedications to adding value and eliminating waste.


  • “Remove the barriers that rob people of pride of workmanship” 


  • In this section, LMJ’s editorial board members and readers comment on the most interesting articles from last month’s edition and share their ideas about important lean topics. This month’s contributor is LMJ editorial board member Joseph Paris.