• Sustaining the legacy of lean – written by Paul Hardiman



  • The folly of sustaining the gains of lean – “If you don’t move forward – you begin to move backward” – Jeff Liker highlights the importance of “relate, repeat and reframe” in maintaining a lean culture within any organisation.
  • The lean generation effect – It is often said that lean is something an organisation is not something it does, lean six sigma black belt Karyn Ross, along with her mentor Leslie Henckler and her mentor Mary Osmolski share their unique journey that spans three generations of lean.
  • The lean culture club – A common mistake made by leadership when applying lean strategies is “closing down” activities because waste has been eliminated. Debra Levantrosser weighs in on changing the culture of an organisation for good.
  • It’s a marathon, not a sprint – LMJ board member, Joseph Paris, highlights the value in devoting time to the difficult and honest conversations that ensure the entire organisation is working in unison.

Special Feature

  • Global developments in the aerospace industry – SMMT Industry Forum shares its latest article discussing growth patterns in the global aerospace manufacturing market.


  • Relax everything will work out – Shingo Research Award winner, Karen Martin, chats with LMJ about the circumstances and mentors that shaped her career in lean.

Book Review

  • Bill Bellows examines Profit Beyond Measure (2001) and John Bicheno weighs in onThe New Industrial Revolution (2013)

Sector Focus- Hospitality

  • Cafes, restaurants and lean – Sarah Lethbridge dissects the concept of the anti-cafe, an establishment that charges for time spent in it rather than items consumed.