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This issue looks at the beginnings of lean’s adoption of sustainable and green-friendly policies.

Organisations and interviews included in this edition included: Adnams, Dessault Systémes, SA Partners, Ramboll Gas and Oil, SMMT Industry Forum, Joseph Paris, Lincoln Forbes, Joseph Paris, Bill Bellows and Jean Cunningham.


Lean and green

Lincoln Forbes, adjunct professor at Florida International University, analyses lean’s role in creating sustainably built buildings and how we can make the construction industry more environmentally friendly.


Lean accounting

Consultant Jean Cunningham explores the best way for a business to undertake leaning its books, and how the ideas can benefit an organisation.


Managing businesses for the future; a sustainable approach

Andy Wood, CEO of Adnams, and Keivan Zokaei, partner at S A Partners investigate sustainability in lean business practices. Is the idea a pipedream or a practical and pragmatic approach to production in the 21st century?


Continuously improving management

Tuan Nguyen, senior manager of DELMIA Global Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence at Dassault Systèmes, talks about how manufacturers can take a more lean approach to management.