Organisation in this issue include: Ministry of Justice, G’s Agriculture, Wood Group PSN Kazstroy JSC, Radiant Law, Bill Bellows, Solar, Mark Gregory, AME 2014 Jacksonville.


The language of lean

Nathan Wilson is a continuous improvement specialist at the Ministry of Justice and in this article broaches the sensitive topic of going too far in to the lean bubble. How do you find the right level of lean knowledge without alienating those who just want the photocopier to work?


Lean engineering design

Raj Mohan, a lead mechanical engineer from Wood Group PSN Kazstroy JSC, comes to LMJ all the way from Kazakhstan and analyses the role of lean in the industry of construction and design.


Human lean– standardisation creating a talent hot bed

Consultant Mark Gregory returns to LMJ expounding the values of standardisation as a way of improving performance and living by the mantra of practice making perfect.


The treasure is where the rainbow ends

Klaus Lyck Petersen, group process manager at Solar Group presents a history of the organisation’s lean practices and the lessons they’ve learnt along the way.

LMJ FEB 2015