• Break the cycle – written by Bill Bellows



  • Warehouse are waste: why waste time on them? – Dr Payam Dehdari, senior manager of Corporate Sector Purchasing and Logistics at Bosch and Prof. Kai Furmans, head of the Institute of Material Handling Systems and Logistics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, collaborate to underline the achievements of applying lean strategies to 800 Bosch warehouses.
  • Casting your own burning platform – Lean expert, Jeremy Butler, shares the lean journey he embarked upon with his family’s 50-year-old engineering business.
  • Changing cultures; changing mindsets – What steps need to be taken to not simply apply lean but to change the culture of an organisation? Hayward Tyler’s Martin Clocherty reveals the importance of shared accountability.
  • Cultural transformation: how visuality does it – LMJ board member, Gwendolyn Galsworth, discusses generating a cultural shift using visuality and how visuality can act as a strategic partner to lean.
  • Value analysis/value engineering as strategic tools – Newly appointed board member and Industry Forum’s Paul Hardiman shares IF’s latest article on the origins of value engineering/value analysis and the appeal of using them as strategic tools.


  • Milliken: a class of its own – LMJ catches up with Milliken European Airbag Products, winners of the World Class Manufacturing Award at The Manufacturer Awards 2013, to find out how the company became the global success story it is today.


  • One on one with John Shook – LMJ Editorial Director, Jon Tudor recently had the fortune of sitting down with some of lean’s biggest names at the AME Toronto conference. However, for a change, instead of us asking the questions, we passed it over to some of the UK’s top manufacturers and lean professionals. Our second interview in this series is with Lean Enterprise Institute’s John Shook.


  • In this section, LMJ’s editorial board members and readers comment on the most interesting articles from last month’s edition and share their ideas about important lean topics. This month’s contributor is LMJ editorial board member Gwendolyn Galsworth.

Featured Factory

  • Leading from the front – Callum Bentley reports on a recent trip to Yeo Valley’s Crewkerne dairy, highlighting the benefits of leader standard work and how a progressive culture shift towards shared responsibility has moved day-to-day operations forward.