• The Toyota Issue – LMJ editor Callum Bentley reflects on a tumultuous year for the automotive manufacturing giant.
      •  Recalls and Toyota Production System: The problem with fast thinking – Jeffrey K Liker explains how slowing down the thought process when questioning the TPS and product recalls can result in a more logical explanation.
      • When the bar must be raised – After a dramatic several years for motor giant Toyota, Joseph Paris suggests that the coveted TPS might be in need of its own Kaizen.
      • Do it in the bathroom – Paul Akers explains how applying lean to the company’s toilets is the best way of setting the standards for the rest of the organisation.
      • When worlds collide – Agile coach Karl Scotland explains how cloud-based solutions provider, Rally, used both lean and agile practices together to best meet its customer’s needs.


    • Looking back to move forward – In this exclusive article for LMJ, lean stalwart Daniel T. Jones reflects on the year that was in lean and looks forward to the New Year.


    • One on one with James Womack – LMJ Editorial Director, Jon Tudor recently had the fortune of sitting down with some of lean’s biggest names at the AME Toronto conference. However, for a change, instead of us asking the questions, we passed it over to some of the UK’s top manufacturers and lean professionals. Our first interview in this series is with management expert and lean author, James Womack.
    • The lean entrepreneur – New York Times bestelling author Eric Ries talks to LMJ editor Callum Bentley about lean startups, changing attitudes and embracing ideas.


    • In this section, LMJ’s editorial board members and readers comment on the most interesting articles from last month’s edition and share their ideas about important lean topics. This month’s contributors are LMJ editorial board members Sarah Lethbridge and René Aagaard.