• Can we transform IT through lean management? The combination of cloud, mobility, big data and social is transforming the way businesses interact with customers, employees, partners and suppliers. Chief technologist for Hewlett-Packard, Christian Verstraete highlights how lean can improve the management of IT operations and development.
  • The scaling dilemma – “One of the most scalable organisations in human history was the Roman army. Its defining unit: the squad – eight guys. The number of guys that could fit in a tent” – Chris Fry, SVP of engineering at Twitter. Mary Poppendieck unveils the secret to managing efficiency as business grows.
  • Hi tech: lean tech Steve Yorkstone, compares the duplicitous appeal of technology and how drives towards new software and technologies can limit improvement to how visionary change has been enabled by good technology.
  • Lean and information technology: finding the right balance – Information technology can offer valuable capabilities to lean strategies. However, when IT is applied without discipline, the outcomes can be costly. Lean expert, Steve Bell, weighs in on how to foster a harmonious relationship between IT and lean.


  • The social collaboration club – LMJ editor, Victoria Fitzgerald, delves into the world of social collaboration tools for business and the quest to transfer social media skills into the workplace.



  • In this section, LMJ’s editorial board members and readers comment on the most interesting articles from last month’s edition and share their ideas about important lean topics. This month’s contributor is LMJ editorial board member Gwendolyn Galsworth.

The lean diary                                                        

  • The lean diary column returns with Serbian manufacturer SCGM. CEO Sandra Cadjenovic and head of sales, Igor Krajnc, share the most recent update from the company’s lean journey.