Being a thriving entrepreneur requires you to know how to be a good boss and run a solid business simultaneously. While sitting in the driver’s seat is challenging, it’s also an opportunity to take your business to another level. Now is the time to stop letting roadblocks get you down and start problem-solving your way to better days ahead.

Be Good about Delegating

Get comfortable delegating tasks and removing some responsibility from your plate if you want to take better control of your business. You hired people for a reason, and now you should use their talents wisely to assist you with all your tasks. Figure out who is good at what and know exactly which people should get each particular assignment so you can all succeed together. Remember doing this is great for you because it’ll free up more of your time so you can attend to higher-level duties that need to get done.

Know your Competitors

Position your company better in the marketplace and take control by knowing your competitors inside and out. Take into account what they’re good at and areas they excel and where they struggle. Becoming aware of their gaps gives you a chance to jump in and do a better job in these areas so you can steal their customers. Do your homework and get the facts before jumping to any conclusions or making any moves on your part. Take better control of your business by being in the know about what’s happening outside of your office walls and keeping up with what customers are looking for and why they’re flocking to your competitors.

Understand your Finances

If there’s one area, you want to understand better it’s with your company’s finances. Refer to a resource like Bonsai Finance to help improve your financial situation and get clarity on your current products and what else is out there that may benefit you. Make sure budgeting, saving and payroll strategies work for your best interest and helping you to grow a stable business. When your finances are out of whack and you have a lot of unanswered questions is when trouble sets in and you soon run into major issues. Pride yourself on understanding what’s going on with your money at all times, and you’ll sleep better at night.

Involve yourself in the Hiring Process

As the owner, it’s important to know who you’re hiring and letting through your doors. You want to make sure they’re not only skilled and talented but also fit the company culture. It’s worth your time and energy to scan resumes and sit down for interviews with potential candidates. Know exactly which positions and roles you need filling when and then put forth an extra effort to ensure that you’re bringing onboard the right people for the job. Get to know your employees on a personal basis and reward them when they go above and beyond to help keep your retention rate high.

Remove Silos between Departments

It’s common for companies to get busy and allow for the various departments to put their heads down and get to work without knowing what else is going on within the business. Spend time breaking down these silos and having people come together across functions and departments so you can work as a team and better succeed together. It’s important to understand what others are up to and know who to turn to should anyone have questions about what they’re doing and how it contributes to the bottom line and overall business goals. What you can do is host teambuilding activities and companywide brainstorming sessions to help you accomplish this objective.

Take Care of yourself

Take better control of your business by taking better care of yourself. This is one area where you don’t want to slack if you wish to proceed seamlessly and get more done. Try to exercise daily, eat right and get enough good sleep each night so you can function at your best while at work. The last situation you want is to feel crabby and irritated all the time and not be able to concentrate on what needs to get done at the office. Find a good work-life balance solution that allows you to have a personal and professional life without feeling like you’re dedicating too much time and energy to one area or the other. Put your needs first and watch how quickly your business begins to thrive.

Focus your Attention on A few Specific Initiatives

Now is a good time to focus in on a few important initiatives and stop trying to do it all. Putting too much on your plate will likely cause critical projects to fall through the cracks, and you’ll end up being less productive than normal. Make a plan, set goals and get everyone onboard to tackle what requires your attention first and foremost. As soon as you accomplish one task then get ready to work hard on the next and keep going until you find a process that allows you to continue progressing forward nicely. You have to learn how to work in priority order if you’re going to succeed and grow your business over time.


What your business needs from you is that you to step up and take better control on a daily basis. Use these tips to help you get started in the right direction and set on a path to creating a bright future for you and your company. Know that losing control will cause you to quickly head into a downward spiral and it may be difficult to get your head above water again. Stay positive and don’t be afraid to change up what’s no longer working for you.