Business owners will have to juggle different elements when running their business. However, nothing should be more important than the health and safety of employees onsite. Unfortunately, injuries can occur in the workplace every day, which is why we are looking at the five most common accidents at work.

  1. Slips and Trips

According to the Labour Force Survey, 609,000 injuries occurred at work between 2016 to 2017. One of the most common forms of accidents at work is a slip and trip, which can happen almost anywhere, and they are often easily avoidable. Yet, thousands of UK employees will experience an injury following a trip or fall, which could be due to a wet surface or loose object. It is, therefore, important to maintain clutter-free pathways and display clear signage for wet flooring.

  1. Repetitive Strain

Repetitive strain doesn’t happen quickly. It is a gradual injury that can sneak up on an employee. A member of staff may experience the injury if their job requires repetition or routine. For example, an office worker can develop repetitive strain when staring at a computer screen every day, while heavy lifting can also lead to strain injuries. It is, therefore, important to encourage employees to take breaks and provide supportive equipment, such as cushioned mousepads for office workers to rest their wrist while at their desk.

  1. Injury from a Falling Object

An injury from a falling object might seem like a one in a million accident, but it affects approximately 5,789 people across the country every year. It is, therefore, important to take occupational health and safety at work very seriously. For example, all tools and materials should be secured at a height, which will prevent the objects from falling below. You can also use catch platforms or debris nets to grab any falling objects. For a more detailed understanding of occupational health, an onsite safety professional should attend the annual ASSE conference – head to for more information.

  1. Toppling Injuries

Are you running a retail or distribution business? If so, toppling injuries must become a primary concern, as they are common accidents in both industries. Depending on the weight of the toppling items, they can cause a serious injury to an employee. For instance, an unsecured shelf can pose a risk to a team member’s health and safety, or an employee could injure themselves when carrying too many items from A to B. Even if an employee is seemingly unharmed, they should seek medical attention immediately.

  1. Struck by a Moving Vehicles

Mistakes can easily happen in the workplace, which could, unfortunately, impact the health and wellbeing of other members of staff. You might be surprised to learn approximately 1,000 UK employees are struck by a moving vehicle, as they might be hit by a forklift in a warehouse or by a vehicle in the office car park. It is, therefore, important to provide all heavy-duty operators with the right level of training, and to encourage all members of staff to steer clear of vehicles or heavy equipment when in use.