Establishing yourself as a serious entrepreneur might feel difficult in a crowded field of professionals. Yet, you will undoubtedly want to confirm you have talent and leadership skills to gain investment, acquire clients and forge relationships with like-minded individuals. Find out how you make a long-lasting impression in business.

Have Confidence in Your Ability

People want you to be confident; they want you to have what it takes to make a start-up business a success. Investors will not trust in your business if they do not trust you. Clients won’t sign on the dotted line if you express zero passion for your company. Truly believing in your start-up idea, company vision, and goals will allow you to exude confidence, which will set you apart in your industry.

Show Others Respect

Want to make a long-lasting positive impression? Be the kind of entrepreneur who follows through on their promises. Remember to follow up on a request, reply to emails, return calls and respond to queries, which will prove you are both genuine and respectful of others, which will make people respect you and want to work alongside you.

Be Genuinely Kind to Everyone

Unfortunately, many budding entrepreneurs are only kind to people who can do something for them. Don’t follow in their footsteps and aim to be friendly, respectful and courteous to everyone, and don’t expect anything in return. This will help to develop more genuine relationships, and when you do need a favour, they won’t hesitate to help you.

Look the Part

A client doesn’t want to buy goods or services from an entrepreneur in a shoddy suit or who drives a rundown vehicle. Every time you turn up to a meeting, attend an event or communicate with a client, you will represent your brand. So, invest in a few high-quality power suits or dresses, perfect your hair, and find a luxury car from a Lexus Glasgow showroom. If you don’t, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb in your industry.

Listen to Others

Few things are more boring than a self-centred person. Don’t make every conversation about you. Instead, make the conversation about the person you are meeting and genuinely listen to what they have to say. Listen to their stories and ask them questions, so they will know you’re genuinely engaged and want to learn more. It can help you develop a greater connection and you’ll create a positive first impression, which could help you enjoy a long-term relationship.

Embrace Teamwork

People will go to the ends of the Earth for someone who boosts them up, and they will not want to help someone who pulls them down. If you dream of becoming an inspiring employer with an excellent reputation in your industry, become a team player and make people around you both look and sound good. People will always remember how you made them feel – and the same people could one day be influential to your business.

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