Launching a caravan park can be a smart business investment, as people will happily pay good money to stay in a comfortable caravan in a great location.

However, like every business, it takes dedication, hard work, perseverance and, most of all, good organisation. Although owning a leisure business can seem like an attractive lifestyle, it should be treated like any other business venture; before pursuing such a business opportunity, make sure you draw up a proper business plan, find investors and think about marketing, sales and revenue. If you think you have what it takes, find out how to launch a caravan site.

Find the Perfect Location

Once you’ve strategised and found the appropriate funding, the first call to action will involve you finding a large stretch of land to accommodate many caravans across your site. Remember, guests will want to park their cars next to the caravan, and they will also need the space for children to play and to not feel overlooked, so you must take these factors into account before you purchase the land.

You will also need to ensure the caravan park is in a prime location. For example, you will ideally want the site to be a stone’s throw away from a fairground, amusements, shops, bars and restaurants, and it should also be easily accessible by foot, car and public transport.

Apply for a Caravan Site Licence

Once you have found the perfect spot for your caravan site, you will need to apply for a caravan site licence. UK law requires site owners to hold a licence if the land is five acres or more and features more than three caravans on site, which are there for more than 28 days per year. You will not need a licence if you are a member of a caravan club and hold a caravan exemption certificate.

Secure Planning Permission

You will require planning permission from your local authority if you plan to operate a commercial caravan site or campsite. You can run a caravan site for a maximum of 28 days without planning permission, but the land would need to be restored to its original condition following use. Contact your local council to identify the planning application, as the land may come with benefits, such as existing planning consent, so you will simply need to change the condition. If not, full planning permission will be required.

Install a Sewage Facility

As part of your planning process you should consider how you plan to deal with the waste that is created by your visitors. There are different options you can choose from with two of the most popular being septic tanks and sewage treatment plants. Pumping Solutions have created a handy guide that explains the difference between the two systems. Sewage treatment plants are usually the best way to hygienically process wastewater, and they will not require as much emptying as a septic tank. It is, therefore, the best way to maintain a hygienic, efficient caravan site, and it will meet Environmental Agency regulations.

Find the Right Caravans

Once you have obtained a caravan site licence and planning permission, and your sewage treatment plant has been installed, you can then focus on finding the best caravans for your new venture. The bigger the caravans, the more people they can accommodate and the more money you can make, so it pays to spend a little more to make a little more. Try to provide a mixture of sizes to suit guests’ different wants, needs and budgets.

Do you have any helpful tips on how to launch a caravan site? Share your advice and opinions below.