Whether you are driving through the night to get home after a holiday, or you are transporting goods, the journey is difficult. Unlike driving during the daytime, night time driving comes with it a whole slew of challenges and dangers. You need to be alert and ready to react to any dangers and to also get you through the night.

So, whether you are driving a car or a large commercial trailers, here are a few great tips on making it through the night:

  1. Stock Up on Provisions

Having something to chew that is crunchy is a great way to stay awake and alert through the night. Things like seeds, celery, or other hard foods work well. Similarly ensure you always have enough water within your reach. The last thing you want is to suffer from the ill-effects of being dehydrated on the road.

  1. Don’t Ignore Fatigue

You might feel like you can push through your fatigue on the final stretch, just to make it home. Don’t do this. The more you push yourself the worse your reflexes and your attention get. There is absolutely no shame in pulling over to stretch out and sleeping for half an hour. It is always better to continue driving at night on a second wind than it is to push through.

  1. Train Yourself

If driving at night is something that happens often in your line of work, you will want to train yourself to be awake at night and to sleep through the day. You won’t be able to do this all at once. Try to shift your sleep schedule a few hours every day, and give yourself about two weeks beforehand to get used to the new cycle.

  1. Keep it Interesting

Your mind can wander if it doesn’t have anything to focus on for hours straight. That is why it’s important to have audiobooks, satellite radio, playlists and phone calls with friends and family to keep you going through the night. You’d be surprised at how tired you are might just be how bored you are. Driving down the same stretch of road for hours on end – especially in the dark when your field of view is limited – can tire your mind. Keep it sharp by keeping it interested.

  1. Your Clothing Matters

Try to wear as comfortable clothing as you can. Other tricks include changing your socks mid-way through the night and to even have something as simple as deodorant on hand. Consuming caffeine (which is what many people do to get them through the night) increases heart rate and leads to excessive sweating. Having a change of clothes is a good idea as well for this reason – you don’t want to sit in your own sweat throughout the night.

Driving through the night can be very dangerous. Not only is your vision limited by your headlights, you also have to deal with fatigue and exhaustion. The only upside to driving through the night is that you are far less likely to see other motorists. Use these tips to help you stay awake and alert throughout your drive.