To survive in today’s competitive business environment, your business needs an edge. In most cases, this means hiring a master of business administration graduate.

So valuable are such employees that, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council, three out of four businesses plan to hire one.

You should, too. When in school, MBA students use case studies to learn how to solve real-life business problems. Here lies their value as employees. For more reasons why your business needs to hire an MBA grad, read on.

1) MBAs Have a Broad Skillset

Despite being a business degree, online MBA programs attracts student from all professional backgrounds. Engineers, nurses, and architects, to name a few, can all pursue an MBA if they so choose. All they need to have is a bachelor’s degree in their chosen field and an interest in business.

This diversity makes MBAs one of the most versatile groups of professionals in the business world. Regardless of the nature of your business, you can still get an MBA with the necessary skills, background, and experience for the job.

2) Hiring an MBA Improves Your Company Brand.

Anyone who has been in business for long knows the value of a brand. Your brand determines how clients perceive your company, which, in turn, influences their purchasing decision. Improving your brand is, therefore, crucial to the success of your business.

And what better way of doing so is there than by hiring MBAs in critical business departments, such as sales or customer service. Since a client interacts with your company through them, these departments determine how he or she perceives your company. With MBAs on board, clients benefit from better service, which shows your company’s commitment to quality.

3) MBA Grads Stay on Board Longer

How long a company lasts in the market is largely determined by how long its employees last. Any company that falls victim to the so-called “revolving door” syndrome, where employees leave after only a short while, is doomed to fail in the long run.

According to James T. Harris, the President of Widener University, hiring an MBA is a definitive cure for this syndrome. He reveals that long-term employees, a valuable asset to any company, are almost always well-educated. It is the less-educated ones you have to watch out for. They are more prone to leave.

4) MBAs are Critical Thinkers

To solve any problem in business, you need to have a critical mind. This means being able to look objectively at a problem, to weigh the facts, to provide a credible solution, and to listen to feedback. This may sound like an easy thing to do, but few employees have the necessary critical thinking skills required to weather today’s business world. That is, few except MBAs.

Learning how to think critically is part of every online MBA degree course. For this reason, MBA grads analyze problems in detail and then offer specific solutions.


Here are four reasons why you should hire an MBA.  Can you think of more?