For a company to reach its potential, they must overcome many hurdles along the way. From finding ways to personalise email messages to improving customer retention, it’s important to identify any obstacles so you can find the best solution.

For this reason, Campaign Monitor recently surveyed hundreds of marketers and discovered marketers face similar major challenges when developing an effective email marketing campaign.

Customer engagement

58% of marketers surveyed stated their number one email marketing goal was to increase their engagement rates. Yet, 44% also stated this was their biggest marketing challenge.

Any modern marketer hoping to boost engagement must deliver personalized, relevant content, which they can do via segmentation and personalisation to target the customer journey.

Customer Acquisition

Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers, in comparison to social media. Customer acquisition might be the primary goal of 52% of marketers, but the survey also found it to be the biggest obstacle for 35% of participants. One way to overcome the hurdle is by utilizing marketing automation tools, which can convert leads into regular customers.

Email Personalisation

Did you know that personalised email subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened? Not only that, but it can generate a considerable revenue increase of 760%. Unsurprisingly, 38% of marketers stated it is their number one goal, while 36% stated it is their number one challenge. Fortunately, marketers have also shared their most effective tactics such as email segmentation (56%), individual messaging (54%), and behavior-triggered emails (45%).

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