For an expanding business with a growing customer base that has ever increasing expectations, it is easy to quickly feel out of your depth.

However, help is at hand through the implementation of an effective CRM system.

Most business managers will have heard of CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, but what is it?

What is CRM

CRM is a system that gives you the ability to manage, store, and access business relationships that you have gained as a business. Having a collection of business cards in different wallets and in drawers won’t cut it anymore. CRM systems allow you to house all the information in one place, typically in the cloud (online) so that you have full access to all the information that you need, when you need it. It allows you to grow the relationships that you have built for your business.

Why you need a CRM system

When you first start out selling your product, you begin by contacting a customer or potential customer. You have or develop a relationship with this buyer and, for the most part, it is a simple and easily remembered relationship.

However, as you grow, more people become involved. You have different departments that your items pass through; you send products out to various parties which, in turn, bring customers into a different sellers’ websites. These relationships become tricky to understand and remember if you don’t have a CRM system that keeps track of them for you. Knowing who does what and when is a great way to keep productivity and profits up.

When You Need a CRM System

You need a CRM system when your contact information is getting lost. You or a member of a team might write it down on a post-it while they are on the phone call and by the time you need it the post-it and the contact are gone.

You need a CRM system when you need to treat your customers differently, based on select criteria. You need a CRM system to see and understand what other teams in your business are doing. You need a CRM system to keep everyone’s information in one place, where you can access it at a moment’s notice.

CRM systems are needed for any growing business to keep information neat and to keep relationships personal.

If you have read through this and agreed with everything mentioned above, whether you are just starting out and want to manage expansion, or you are a small business that needs a solution for its growing relationships, then you should consider a CRM system.

Know how to have success with CRM and implement it within your business today. Don’t let things get out of control; have everything neat and organised from the get go so that you will be prepared for every new relationship that your business creates.