When you have a great idea that you want to convert into an online business and have already browsed through the best web hosts to keep your site online, the only other important decision that you need to make regarding the site is choosing the right e-commerce platform.

While other renowned names such as Magento are good in their own respect, check out the following reasons as to why OpenCart might just be the best choice for you.

Easy Customisations

With just a little knowledge of PHP and MySQL, you can easily develop extensions and make multiple customizations on your own.

User Friendliness

You won’t need to know PHP or MySQL to navigate and use the interface though, as it is very user-friendly and comes with an elaborate administrative dashboard.

Support for Smartphones

With OpenCart v2 onwards, it is possible for the admin to open the administrative panel and make the necessary changes even from a smartphone or a tablet. The interface supports both Android and iOS.

A Whole Lot of Available Info

In spite of being relatively simple, there’s always a possibility that you might get stuck somewhere while using the content management system. Thankfully, as popular as OpenCart is, it literally has thousands of topics, answered questions, and troubleshooting tips from long-term users, coders and the original developers, all available at your disposal. Whatever your problems are regarding OpenCart, you can rest assured that there’s a solution.

Readymade Templates

It is recommended that you invest the necessary time and resources to develop your e-commerce site’s own unique design and interface. However, there is the option to choose from hundreds of readymade OpenCart templates as well. Buying a readymade template is faster and cheaper; it will get you through the first few months before you have the budget to build something better.

Huge Number of Extensions and Modules

If you have a bigger budget, spend some time and browse through literally thousands of modules, templates, and extensions available to find the ones that sit right with the theme of your own website. As long as you have the time, you will never run out of customization options with OpenCart.

The Multi-Store Mode

You will find the multi-store mode particularly useful once your e-commerce venture begins to branch out and you have to manage multiple store pages on the site. The multi-store mode allows the admin to create and manage all the online stores on a site from the admin panel itself. This feature is not limited by factors such as the store’s design, modules, listings, languages, and customer database.

SEO-Friendly Nature

One of the biggest advantages of choosing OpenCart is the fact that the CMS is extremely SEO-friendly. You can control everything from Meta descriptions and the robots.txt file to choosing the preferred SEO-friendly suffix after creating an SEO URL from the administrative panel. OpenCart also has a very handy Google Analytics Dashboard Extension built right into the admin panel that will provide you with all the traffic details you will need to devise your marketing strategies.

The open source platform of OpenCart is not as popular as Magento right now, but it is much simpler. If you are not exactly a coder and would like to stick with a CMS that’s easy to use and more intuitive without sacrificing on quality, then you just can’t go wrong with OpenCart.