There is no doubt that technology has made the world of business much easier than it has been in the past. Most companies will rely on IT and new technologies, however, too much technology, gadgets and software can clutter up your desktops and cost your company more money than it should. What is usually efficient, can, in fact, slow down your business’ processes.

Here are a few tips on how you can spend your money to better your company’s efficiency and productivity.

CRM software

Many small businesses are now utilizing customer relationship management (CRM) software. Using this, you can easily keep all of your customer details in one place. It also keeps track of the purchases they made and any feedback they gave.

It not only allows you to tailor email marketing to individuals, but it also helps to provide better customer service. You no longer need to rely on databases or other paper records. Instead, you will have everything to hand when you need it.

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Intelligence platforms

Your company keeps a large amount of data, and sometimes all that information can get too much to deal with efficiently. This is where a business intelligence platform can come in handy.

The software takes all your data and breaks it all down into manageable areas that you can compare and analyze. It means that if one particular sector is not doing well, the software will be able to show you it in more detail; so you can easily notice areas to work on.

You will then be able to notice trends and problem areas and deal with them before they become severe.

Streamlining documents

As a business, you are constantly corresponding with employees and clients. Most of it will be by email and involve electronic records, invoices, and files.

You are probably filling out each document with the same details and then adding your company’s brand. However, you can save significant time and effort by using an automated system such as Templafy. You can then upload all your customers’ data, and it will automatically add the data to all your branded documents.

Accounting software

If your business is not using any accounting software by now, then you need to think seriously about starting. Accounting software can streamline the whole process of inputting income and expenditure. There are some types which allow you to view all your financial data with a straightforward interface.

Using accounting software will also make life a lot easier when it comes to the end of the tax year. Both you and your accountant will be able to see exactly where all the money has been spent.

There are also apps for your phone that can capture receipts using your camera. This means no longer having to keep all your paper receipts in boxes.

It is worthwhile trying to work through all your processes to see if you can cut out any unnecessary work. You will then have a much faster and more productive business.