For businesses actively growing their email list, the focus is on getting new people to subscribe. Often, the current subscribers are almost an afterthought in the process.

This is a pity because there is much that can be done to maximise the results from the existing subscriber base.

Here are several tips to get you thinking about what can be tried with your current subscribers to deliver better results for your business.

Do you know anyone who would like to read this email too?

Using a Share with your Friend graphic to encourage subscribers to forward the email to a friend or a colleague is a good way to expand the subscriber base. Similarly, offering social sharing links using the instantly recognisable Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn logos provides a second way for sharing good content with people they know.

Putting popular articles from an email up on the website is useful too. By publishing them, it’s easier to share that link with the world. The use of buttons and graphics within an email is also an effective way to track how many people take this extra step to share either with a close friend or their Facebook friends.

Do you still have the right email address in your list?

Using an online email service like the email addresses finder is an excellent way to verify that you have the correct email for each person on your list. Sometimes people change companies without thinking to swap over their email address and lose access to their previous business email once they’ve left. It’s possible to search for the latest email address for key contacts to verify the information is still current. Doing so will help update contact information and improve email open rates.

Mix up marketing messages with helpful information

One mistake often made with email newsletters is contacting your subscribers too often. Another common mistake is to use email as a promotional platform providing little value to the people reading it. While email is a great sales channel for companies, that shouldn’t be its only purpose.

Customers are interested in learning more about solutions to problems they’re experiencing. Offering ideas on ways to improve or think differently provides valuable insight that demonstrates a depth of knowledge and a desire to help. This type of content instill trust in the message and the brand. With greater trust in place, the effectiveness of marketing emails is likely to improve with increased open rates and better click-through numbers with calls-to-action.

Give subscribers a peek behind-the-scenes

We all love to look behind the curtain and see who the wizard is. Customers understand little about how your company does what it does. Large corporations like GE through their GE Aviation subsidiary let people behind the scenes by showing off their enormous jet engines. You would be surprised what an outsider would find interesting in your business.

There is so much that is achievable in delivering more value to the people who have chosen to subscribe to your mailing list. Expand your mind on what’s possible by thinking outside the box. Make the emails more interesting and increase their value accordingly.