In retail, a huge amount of the success of a store can be attributed to how competency of the staff running it.

Having good staff helping customers, working on the point of sale, and keeping the store stocked and well presented helps customers. It makes them feel like they are getting a great service, and that the store is one they want to keep coming back to. This is something that is fairly obvious to most people – customers and store owners alike – but achieving it can be easier said than done. For staff to operate at their best and give the best possible impression of your brand, you need to make sure they have enough to training to feel confident at what they are doing, and work efficiently.

Here are some of the reasons why providing solid training to all of your retail staff is important.

Customers expect competence

There are few things as frustrating for a customer as trying to pay while the person serving them is clearly confused about how to operate their till, or is working at a snail’s pace as a line grows. Equally, customers who ask someone where in the store they can find what they want, or query something, expect to get a simple answer, or at least for the person they ask to know how to check. Customers who feel they are dealing with staff who aren’t well enough informed about the things a shop sells, or who aren’t able to serve customers quickly, are likely to leave with a bad impression of the store. This will be the case no matter how happy they are with the products they bought there.

Training helps staff advance

In a large retail chain, some staff will have no plans to move higher up in the company than their current role, but others will have ambitions to progress into things like supervisory or even branch management positions. By offering training, you can give the ambitious team members a sense of working towards the goals they have as employees. This can be a great way to help keep them motivated, and to retain the most hard working employees. If staff have things like ring binders full of the various training modules they have completed, they have something to show for the time they have spent with your company so far in terms of measurable skills and experience. This is good for morale, and also good for you when you are looking at who you might want to promote.

Training can help team building

Doing training exercises together can help staff bond, which makes it much easier for them to seek help and support from each other when situations arise in their jobs that they don’t immediately know how to resolve. A good sense of teamwork can also make it easier to do things like manage rotas, as staff will be comfortable with doing things like switching and covering shifts when they get along well.

These are just some of the reasons training is so critical to success in a retail store.