In a previous article, we talked about key company security measures every business needs. Protecting sensitive information and taking active steps to secure facilities and employees are necessary if you are serious about safeguarding your business’s operations.

Another important practice is to protect equipment, especially plant and construction machinery. These tools are valuable, which is why taking precautionary steps to secure them properly is a must. Here are the tips and tricks to use to keep plant and construction machinery safe when not in use.

Secured storage facility

It is not always possible to store large equipment indoors. Doing so can also be very expensive because it would mean setting up a hangar or a big warehouse for storing all of the equipment your company needs. Plant machinery is easier to handle since it can be installed in a dedicated space.

There are several things you can do to protect construction machinery parked in a yard or storage facility. For starters, it is a good idea to add crash barriers around the space. A crash barrier can prevent heavy machinery from accidentally exiting the parking space. Crash barriers can also be used to safeguard the road leading up to the storage facility.

Add tall fences and implement 24/7 security to protect the facility further. It’s hard to steal or damage big pieces of machinery, but cases of parts theft are not uncommon. Security guards and proper fences around the facility can help minimise the risk of break-ins.

Video surveillance

The next layer of protection for storage facilities and factories is to add video surveillance. You have plenty of options to choose from in this department. Some systems can automatically detect movement and alert security guards. Modern systems are even capable of capturing high-resolution videos in low light, enabling better surveillance.

If you have the resources, you could invest in advanced monitoring systems. These systems come equipped with facial and number plate recognition, access management, and integration options. The latter means the surveillance system can be integrated with other security systems you have on the site.

For lower-cost solutions, you can rely on basic security features to better safeguard your equipment. Infrared capability and motion detection are features you must have for maximum protection.

Insurance coverage

The last security measure to add is insurance. Insurance will not only protect you against total loss, but also against theft of parts, damage, and other risks your business faces. Some insurance policies also cover third-party liability and injury.

Insurance is a great security measure for plant and heavy machinery for another reason. The coverage allows your business to resume operations when equipment gets stolen or damaged. With an insurance policy in place, you don’t have to worry about repairing or replacing plant and construction machinery, as well as the other costs associated theft or unlawful site access.

These three layers of security provide maximum protection to your business’s assets. Start adding them to improve safety and you will enjoy the benefits offered by these measures immediately.