For companies big and small, safety and security are big concerns, not only for customers but also their employees. For businesses that have stores, this causes even more of an issue because you have face to face contact and potential confrontation.

Every company should regularly review its security policy to see if it is as good as it can be.  Here are five ways your business can improve its procedures and make your company more secure.

1. Building Security

The security of you, your employee’s and your customers is of vital importance. It is one of the first things you should consider when compiling your security strategy. Ensure that your building is secure both during the day and at night. If you are leasing a unit within the building, you need to find out how secure the entrance is. You may also want to add security to the door of your unit.

Security cameras can help see people outside your building, however, to be effective, the images should be saved and kept for a period of time in case an incident occurs.

2. Equipment Security

You may have much expensive equipment in your office, so you need to protect it, especially when the office is empty.

Securing valuable items in a safe if they are small enough is a good idea, but for PC’s, and other large items, tethering them to desks can prevent theft if there was a break-in.

3. Data Theft

Protecting your data is as important as your physical property. You need to ensure that the information you hold about your employees and customers is kept on a secure server. You should also consider using a firewall, limiting access, and installing virus software.

Online software that you might be using, such as that from CloudFlex has security protocols built-in, but having overall security around your data as well is a prudent step.

4. Employee Theft

Like it or not, there are instances of employee theft at every company. You need to have plans in place to deal with this should it arise.

Ask all your workers to be aware of suspicious behavior and tell them how to report it. Also, make it clear what steps will be taken if such theft occurs. Conducting the correct checks when hiring staff can help to minimize potential theft.

5. Risk Assessments

A risk assessment is a list of the possible risks that could happen regarding security. You need to list each potential problem and have a strategy in place that will minimize that risk.

You should keep it updated and reviewed regularly and after any incidents to see if anything could be improved.

A significant amount of money is lost by businesses through security breaches each year. Although it is impossible to be totally secure, the more you can do to reduce the risk, the more you can protect your staff and your assets. There are security experts that you can call in at any time if you think your companies security needs strengthening.