Regardless of how big your business, is there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of free online tools to try and save money.

You could easily spend hundreds of dollars on new products and services to better your business operations, however there are hundreds of free products on offer and there’s no reason you shouldn’t give them a try. If you’re looking for new tools to help your business grow but you’re looking to keep the costs down, have a look at the following free tools that have been known to help businesses succeed in a variety of industries.

Groove – Ticketing System

Having Groove installed on your computer network could make the difference between receiving good or bad reviews online from previous customers. With Groove, you can be sure every email and support ticket isn’t going to go missing because of the quality software it’s built upon. Many businesses fail because of the bad reviews they received for unanswered support requests, and which they never received in the first place, but with Groove, no request is going to go unanswered. Groove offers a free solution for small businesses, but if your business is growing quickly, there is a simple pricing structure involved if you want better features and more support.

Aynax – Free Invoice Creator

Creating your own invoice using Word or Excel can prove to be time-consuming with the calculations you need to implement to make invoicing a breeze. Luckily, there is another option if you want to create a free invoice and that’s by using the Aynax invoice creator. Simply fill in the details and create the invoice. Once the invoice has been created, you’ll be able to print with the click of a button or you can save it into a file format such as PDF so you can send it via email. The process is very easy and you’ll even be able to save invoices for a later date, so you’ll only have to make minor edits.

Slack – Desktop Communication Tool

If you’re looking for a simple desktop communication tool for you and your employees to take advantage of it doesn’t get much better than Slack. Slack is an easy to use tool that lets you communicate with your colleagues via a simple messaging solution. The tool itself comes with many features to make communication easy and you’ll even be able to create different channels depending on what topic you want to talk about and who you want to talk about it with. Slack offers a free and paid solution depending on the size of your business and how many employees will be using it.

Dropbox – File Sharing

One of the many popular free tools online is Dropbox. Dropbox is used by a variety of industries throughout the world and it’s growing in popularity daily thanks to the features it provides. Dropbox is a way for people to share files by allowing others to access them from their devices anywhere in the world. It makes sharing documents very easy because you can give access to several people instead of having to send the same document to several people via email. The tool has a free option which includes 2GB storage, but if your business is growing there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of their bigger paid enterprise plans.

Trello – Project Management Software

By taking advantage of Trello, you’ll be able to save plenty of time on organizing projects. With Trello, you’ll be able to organize projects into boards so you can see which employee is working on what and you’ll be able to see the progress they’re making. This tool makes collaboration easy, so you won’t have to waste time pointing employees in the right direction as the tool will be able to automate the process for you. Trello is great if you want to prioritize your workload so you can get the most important projects completed first. The tool is completely free and there are no additional costs for extra features which makes this one of the best applications for growing companies.

The above tools are just some of the many free solutions available when it comes to helping your business grow without a huge expense. Each tool offers free options so you can get used to them first, but as your business grows, you can easily pay a small monthly fee that will give you more features, better support, and plenty of other options to suit the needs of your business.