Security breaches are becoming a big concern for various companies, with many SMEs worried about their vulnerable and valuable business networks.

To secure company data, it is essential both business owners and IT managers identify any potential vulnerabilities and build upon their existing security measures.

We are therefore providing four effective tips for improving your organization’s security and productivity levels.

  1. Regularly Update Windows

Not every company will have the latest version of Windows. It is, therefore, essential every employee across the company updates their computer to prevent security flaws affecting the business infrastructure, as a PC may become vulnerable to a cyber attack.

Not only will a Windows update prevent a company from becoming a victim of a cyber attack, but it will also help to fix any glitches or bugs in the operating system, which could improve a computer’s performance and allow the PC user to utilize the latest features and functions to boost individual performance.

  1. Install a Reliable Antivirus Program

It is essential every business installs an effective antivirus program. However, many small businesses might be overwhelmed by the various AV options on the market, as they will want to install the best program for their company. It is, therefore, vital to read up on programs’ different benefits and disadvantages so you can install the best solution as soon as possible.

  1. An Optimised Network

Every PC within the business must meet the company’s minimum hardware requirements, so they are fit for purpose. You should, therefore, embark with a full system audit on each computer. A PC may struggle to maintain its speed or performance when more files are downloaded or created. The lifespan of a computer is shaped by its usage, environment and manufacturer – and a computer failure is often caused by an ageing laptop, corrupted files or a hardware issue.

Unfortunately, data loss can have a significant impact on any business, regardless of its size, especially if an organization has failed to embark with regular data backups. If you are unfortunate enough to experience a data loss, you will be pleased to know you can embark with a data retrieval to recover your mission-critical files – and you won’t have to pay a fee if it is unsuccessful.

  1. Enter the Cloud

If you want to free up your storage space and avoid software installations, there are many cloud-based services that can improve your company’s security. With the likes of ransomware, Trojan viruses and other malware posing significant security risks to company data, many SMEs are turning to the likes of Office 365 over traditional Microsoft Office installations, because they can create, edit and access all their documents in the cloud. With so many online-only software services available, you can reduce your reliance on software installations that could be more dangerous than they initially appear.