Let’s start with a simple question; every time someone orders something from your website, what is the first thing that they see on receiving it? The answer is of course, the packaging. While the product you deliver is the focus of every purchase, it’s the packaging that is supposed to visually and physically make you stand out from the rest of your competition.

Unboxing is a big part of the customer experience when shopping online, as that is one of the very few ways in which ecommerce sites can make an in-person impression on the customer. Apart from being visually unique, it should also be a practical package that protects the items that are being delivered. Read on to find out if your company’s packaging system is missing anything that it shouldn’t.


Ensuring that the purchased product reaches your customers in perfect condition should be your first priority. Always remember that replacing a damaged item is usually a lot more expensive than investing in quality protective packaging.

Size and Shape

The package housing a product has to be of just the right size. If it is too big and heavy, then it will cost you more to manufacture and deliver, thereby eating into your profit margin. If it’s too small, the product inside could end up being crumpled or damaged during transportation, making way for a disgruntled customer and replacement expenses. As a rule of thumb, it needs to be compact and sturdy at the same time, so that the packet doesn’t take up too much space or get crushed when put into a delivery truck with a ton of other boxes.


If you want to distinguish yourself from others in the business, invest in bespoke printed boxes to add personality to your packaging. Every time someone sees a box sent from your company, they should be able to recognize where it’s from, just by looking at the unique and customized design. Apart from that, also make subtle changes to each packaging type so that the boxes reflect the product they are carrying inside.

Easy to Open

On receiving a new packet, shoppers are usually excited and eager to open it. This is a delicate moment where intelligent packaging will allow the buyer to access the product without too much of an effort. The last thing you want is for the customer to get frustrated after trying and failing to open a package for ten minutes. While you thought that the packaging was ultra-safe, it has now crossed over to the realm of annoyance for the person trying to open it. The unboxing experience needs to be smooth for a customer to have good memories of shopping from your website.

If you can check boxes on all the four points above, customers will remember you fondly, even if you are not the manufacturer of the product they just bought. The more fond memories you create with each unboxing, the more likely the buyers are to come back to you for business.