If you are like most people, you might be saying to yourself at this point: “What on earth is a gabion basket?”

Most of us have seen them, we know where to expect them and even know what their ultimate purposes are, but to name them? That’s another story altogether. A gabion is that wire meshing that holds rocks in place on roadways that are susceptible to rockslides. They keep rocks from falling into the road, causing accidents, crushing cars and often leading in vehicular death. If ever there was an analogy that could help your business grow safely and securely, it would be making use of the gabion basket analogy.


The first analogy that could be made is in terms of support. No business could survive long without support coming from a number of directions. A business needs financial support from time to time, intellectual support in terms of new innovations and manpower support as well. There are times when there is so much to do and so little time. Think of gabion baskets and how they hold rocks and land formations together inside the wire mesh. Isn’t all that support your business occasionally needs much like a meshed gabion basket? You get all the strength you need to keep it all together when the going gets rough.


Then there is security. Gabions keep everything inside secure. Much like the need to keep your business secure from outside forces, so too do gabions keep their ‘contents’ secure. That same type of barrier around your business could mean that your mainframe is safe from hacks or that your R&D designs stay safely tucked away from would-be competitors. Imagine an invisible electrified fence around your premises and you will see how much like a gabion that fence would be. The only difference is that the gabion typically isn’t loaded with a charge.


Gabion baskets also keep things compartmentalized within. Rocks stay where they belong and aren’t thrown about onto roadways or onto pedestrians and your business could benefit from being compartmentalized. In this way, every department becomes expert in their duties and when put together as in a series of gabions, it forms a cohesive whole that operates much like a well-oiled wheel.


Finally, by the very nature of gabion baskets, they are transparent. Remember those gabions you see on the side of the road? Many times, you don’t even know they are there but you can surely see the rocks! If your business operated like it was tucked neatly in a gabion, transparency would never be an issue and you couldn’t be accused of breaking any rules or regulations. Everyone could see that you are operating by the ‘best practices’ principles of ethical business behavior.

So now you see how your business could benefit from the gabion basket model! This one imaginary basket could help keep your company secure from intrusion while also being open to scrutiny from the outside world. Your business would have the support it needs in times of trouble and each team would operate within their own job descriptions. Gabion baskets keep landscapes safe and well-manicured. Why couldn’t a gabion basket model do the same for your company?