Nothing is more important to a business than customer satisfaction. It is therefore the role of a business owner or manager to improve the customer service experience at every opportunity, ensuring people return to your bar, hotel or restaurant again. To help you receive many fantastic reviews, read our top tips to creating happy customers.

Train your employees

Unfortunately, often the one thing preventing customers from returning to your place of business could be your staff, who might be rude, unhelpful or uninformed about the organisation. You must therefore ensure each team member receives customer service training, so they can learn how to approach different situations, whilst ensuring they display the right attitude and behaviour within the workplace. Happy staff means happy customers, so ensure they maintain their professionalism every day.

Improve availability

Little issues can become a big problem for a bar, restaurant or hotel. For example, a lack of ice might not seem like the end of the world to bar staff, but a customer will expect to receive a cold drink. If they don’t, they will remember you as the place that serves warm drinks to their customers, so will visit a competitor instead. Sometimes all you need to do to maintain custom is to boost your availability – so it might be worthwhile investing in commercial ice makers to ensure customer satisfaction.

Offer a freebie

Everyone likes to receive something for nothing. Occasionally providing a person with a freebie will more than likely result in future custom, so the giveaway is an investment in your future revenue. You can therefore provide a free drink on a person’s birthday or create a gimmick that offers a customer the chance to win a free meal.

Solve a problem before it happens

The key to exceptional customer service is to stay one step ahead of the customer. Both you and your team should strive to spot a problem before a customer notices an issue. It could be as simple as a guest has accidently booked two hotel rooms instead of one, so you can drop them a call to discuss their mistake and cancel a booking. You can guarantee they will appreciate your attention-to-detail and the fact you haven’t charged them for two rooms.

Provide a value-for-money service

Customers will want to receive the best deal for a hotel stay, meal or glass of wine, so will simply visit a competitor if they are unhappy with a fee. You must therefore provide a value-for-money service that allows customers to make a fantastic saving, whilst allowing your company to boost its annual revenue. Also, the more affordable the service, the more customers that will step through your doors, so you could end up with a higher turnover than expected if you lower the price of a product or service.

So, if you are looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction whenever possible, you must provide a value-for-money service, boost your product availability, fix any issues and train your customers to exceed visitors’ expectation.