The first thing you see as you approach JLR’s Castle Bromwich site from Birmingham city centre is a giant billboard with a bright blue Jaguar attached to it, with the Union Jack painted behind it telling you it’s the home of Jaguar. It’s a striking image that easily gets its message across: Jaguar is here. It is British. It is confident. And it’s doing better than ever.

It was not always the case: over the past decade or so Jaguar has been through tumultuous times with takeovers and buyouts, and it has always lived with the lingering fear that has effected so many British manufacturers.

The site is huge bursting at the seams (there were grumbles about the staff social club having to be knocked down to make space for a new paint shop) and there’s more growth planned. They are having to get crafty: trying to do more with less space is a constant battle. Despite this, and the 5000 employees, the site feels spacious and well organised. True, there may not be room, but it is [..]

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