Choosing a major out of prestige could eventually work to your detriment and hurt your chances of getting a job. In this article, we’re going to examine if this major is still worth it and some of the positions you can land with an online masters of engineering.

What does a master of engineering entail?

Well, to better understand what will be expected from someone with a master’s in engineering, you have to compare with what happens at the bachelor and doctorate level. Bachelor’s in engineering will be required to fill entry level jobs depending on their concentration. Bachelor’s degrees have more of a hands on approach to engineering.

Masters, on the other hand, will be asked to fill managerial positions in engineering departments or firms. If, for whatever reason, they choose to go for entry level jobs, most will be paid significantly higher than their bachelor counterparts. An online masters in engineering also gives students the chance to work in research and development positions for private firms or at the governmental level.

What are the Requirements for a Master’s in Engineering?

To get a master’s in engineering, you’ll have to first complete undergraduate studies in engineering in the concentration of your choosing or a closely related field. This will usually include advanced mathematics prerequisites in calculus, differential equations and linear algebra. After the usual 1.5+ years of the program, you’ll have to complete a capstone project or thesis to complete your masters.

What are the Job Prospects for Masters in Engineering?

Well, the options are many and vary depending on the concentration. If you’re an electrical engineer, you’ll be asked to develop and design various electrical systems, and you may also be asked to fill managerial positions in the field. Civil engineers will usually be asked to work on construction projects, whether they are on the private or governmental level and biomedical engineers will be asked to create several prosthesis, artificial organs, and oversee quality control on the production of various bio medical equipment.

So, is a Masters in Engineering Worth it?

In short, yes. Picking up an online masters degree from a reputable online institution will allow you to add to your current formation without having to quit your job. Many engineering majors choose to get a masters as a complement to their current formation. Masters in engineering are one of the most well paid majors in the industry and can fetch up to $121000 a year on average.

Whether it’s computer engineering, biomedical or mechanical engineering, the job prospects and options for engineering students are almost infinite. So, if you were thinking of getting a major in this field, we sincerely advise that you look around and see if a degree in engineering is truly for you.