Whether that’s an e-commerce store using highriskpay.com to process card payments, a blog offering entertaining content to supplement a business, or a site to sell skills and talents. Here are the main reasons to get online, and what it can do for you.


Digital marketing, and more specifically social media marketing are huge right now. By sharing on social media platforms, you can quite easily reach thousands of people within seconds. It’s unbelievably easily. If you combine this with a great, informative and entertaining blog, your viewers will start doing the sharing for you. This will drive traffic to your business.


Social media platforms, such as Pinterest and Twitter, are free. You have the option to upgrade to a business account, and other options to promote your content, which have a small fee attached, but you don’t have to do this. If you want to set up a blog or an e-commerce store, web hosting can be just a few dollars a month. The WordPress CMS is again free. You can reach so many people for barely any cost. Compare this to how much more traditional marketing, such as advertisements in newspapers, can cost.


Not only will you reach a lot more people, but you’ll also reach a much wider range of people. You’ll be discovered via search engines and social media accounts, by people that you would have never dreamed of marketing towards. These people could end up being valuable customers. Being online also makes it easier for your existing customers to come to you when they just don’t want to leave the house.

Building Relationships

When customers come in to a store, yes, its face to face, but everyone is busy and in a rush, so there’s often not time to stop and talk. Online you can engage with both current and new customers. Reply to their comments and emails, follow them on social media. This kind of engagement can lead to a loyal clientele.

Your Competitors are Online

With so many businesses online, most of your competitors are. So, if you aren’t, they will attract more customers by default. You can’t compete if you’re not in the game. Your competitors are being discovered online every day, by people that don’t even know you exist.


If you don’t have some form of online presence you risk looking dated, old fashioned and irrelevant. When customers come across something new, they often Google it for more information. If their search doesn’t find anything, they move on. The larger your online presence, the more credibility you will have. Fill your sites and accounts with informative and entertaining content, make sure you have great search engine optimization in place, and you could become a real authority in your field.

It really couldn’t be easier to get online. Start with a basic website, and make it e-commerce compatible if you need it. Then get on as many social media platforms as you can. Start filling your website with content and watch it grow.