Due to the ever increasing number of online courses and programs, a lot of employees and even business owners in the area are taking the next step and pursuing online masters in business administration, or degrees in other fields.

And more universities are starting to take notice. In fact many leading universities will offer fully accredited undergraduate degrees online within the next five years, according to the founder of educational platform Coursera. Speaking at an educational conference in London, Professor Daphne Koller said the next stage for digital learning would be the introduction of online undergraduate courses with invigilated (supervised) exams and full degrees.

Easy Access and More Options

There are a number of reasons behind this new trend, but the most significant factor affecting the shift towards online education is access. Unlike executive programs, online MBA programs and graduate degrees are designed to give students maximum flexibility with time management.

Students, for instance, can choose to access the online learning platform from anywhere, including from the office or from home. This means there are more chances to study, such as in between meetings or while commuting to and from work.

There are more degrees and majors to choose from, too. Students are no longer limited to the universities near them. Getting an online MBA degree from Villanova University is just as easy as getting one from USC.

Affordable Education

It is also important to note that online graduate programs are generally more affordable than their offline counterparts. The difference can be as high as 50%. This is due to the much lower overhead costs the universities have to endure when running online and distance learning programs. There is no need to maintain extra infrastructure or have the lecturers spend more time in the university.

Everything is done online. Students can access their course materials, get assignments, attend live classes and even connect with lecturers directly through the online learning platform. They can also get books and other research materials or communicate with other students to work on an assignment the same way.

A lot of California-based companies are beginning to encourage their workers to pursue a higher degree by offering incentives and other forms of support. Help with tuition and other benefits are often offered to those who are pursuing a master’s degree in a field that can benefit the company in the long run.

Easier Than Ever to Get Started

Enrolling in an online graduate program is very similar to enrolling in an offline one. You still need to meet a certain set of requirements before you can enter the course. When you aim for top universities, for instance, you may be required to have a 3.0 GPA or higher as well as other qualifications.

There are also special programs designed to help workers with a lot of experience. The executive master of business administration or EMBA program, for example, requires seven years of on-the-job experience. The course, however, offer special skills that go really well with that experience.

It is interesting to see how this new trend develops further. Stay tuned for more coverage right here on Canyon News.