The third European Lean Educator Conference will held at the University of Buckingham, between 12 and 15 September.

These ‘Educator’ conferences are now a regular part of the European ‘Lean Scene’ with the first being held in Germany in 2014, and in Sweden in 2015. The theme this year is ‘Lean outside of the Manufacturing shop floor’. This means design and office activities, Lean service, Health care, Agile IT, and government and university administration. In other words, almost everyone involved in ‘the Lean Enterprise’.

The conference is an illustration of the wide and international impact that Lean is enjoying, having emerged from the manufacturing shop floor.

The UK conference has already attracted 110 participants from 16 countries. By ‘Educator’ is meant anyone involved in teaching or coaching Lean. This includes university academics as well as trainers and consultants. The papers include presentations from banking, the BBC, HMRC, hospitals, and schools.

The conference is being sponsored by the University of Buckingham and by Lean Competency System (LCS) and by the TWI Institute, USA.

The main conference days are 13 and 14 September. There are pre- and post-conference workshops on 12 and 15 September.

‘Keynotes’ include presentations from Patrick Graupp on TWI in healthcare, Belinda Waldock on Agile for Lean people, Professors Pauline Found on ‘Kata for the Environment’, Darrell Mann on TRIZ and Lean , John Seddon on Systems Thinking, Christoph Roser on the origins of Lean with lessons for today, and Tony Bendell on the new ISO standard in Lean and Six Sigma. Sir Anthony Seldon, will be talking about Innovation in Education.

On Wednesday 14 September there are 32 sessions in 4 streams covering a wide variety of topics. The 32 papers were selected from over 45 submissions.

One of the pre-conference workshops is by Patrick Graupp of TWI Institute, USA. Patrick is the foremost Training Within Industry authority in the world, and author of several books. This is a unique opportunity to hear about recent developments in TWI.

Other workshops include Bottleneck Identification and management, Change management simulation, Agile Thinking, the Vanguard method, the Kata method, and TRIZ

There are discounts for academics and students.

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