The potential to implement lean and transform a business is often identified by those working more closely with or on the shop floor. But, having identified the potential, they then have the task of trying to secure senior level buy-in. 

EEF’s video explains the benefits of lean and helps the viewer to understand the common challenges encountered from senior managers. It also explains ways in which they can overcome these hurdles by speaking the language business leaders understand and respond best to. 

This includes addressing business priorities, using industry case studies, citing success statistics and anticipating objections before they are raised. Other tactics include presenting tangible, measurable business goals with identified payback periods and identifying exactly how lean will integrate with specific business processes.

The video helps to make the business case by pointing out that lean, when implemented properly, reduces excess inventory by 75%, creates quality improvements of around 40% and boosts efficiency by 50%. It reduces lead time by 50% and improves overall equipment effectiveness by 25%. It also provides a real boost to customer satisfaction, driving a 75% improvement, according to EEF information in the video.

The video is EEF’s latest step in a drive to boost the sector’s productivity and efficiency and to get firms fighting fit for industry 4.0 (the fourth industrial revolution).  It recently provided a free lean benchmarking tool that manufacturers can use to see how their business measures up. 

Martin Strutt, Consultancy Director at EEF, says: “Despite being around in many different guises since the days of Henry Ford, Lean is still the de facto approach for manufacturers to uncover and implement opportunities to improve productivity and efficiency. This is because it works.

“Lean transforms business through a process of continuous improvement. It is already playing a critical role in boosting efficiency and sustainable growth in our sector and this will only increase as companies gear up for 4IR. It’s important that we help and encourage UK manufacturers to explore these techniques so they can stay ahead of the curve.

“As with any continuous improvement programme, Lean works best when senior management is on board. This video is about providing the right tools and ammunition to secure their buy-in and ensure that Lean is fully embraced and embedded in the company culture.”