In recent years there has been a lot of hype surrounding online marketing. This has resulted in many businesses ignoring legitimate offline marketing tactics that still work, which is a huge mistake for any business to make.

Below are five of these often forgotten yet effective offline marketing tactics:

1.    Outdoor banners and pavement signs

Outdoor banners and pavement signs are probably the most basic methods of advertising you can have. However, if your banners and signs are strategically placed in locations where there is a high footfall of people who may be interested in what you have to offer, it can lead to a huge increase in sales- simply because you have made shoppers aware of your products and services. Take a look at Marler Haley’s outdoor range for ideas on what you can use. They have a variety of different options for you such as banners, flags, pavement signs and more which can be tailored to any individual business’s advertising needs.

2.    Magazines and local newspapers

People still read physical magazines and newspapers. Advertising in a magazine or a local newspaper means you are putting an extremely targeted message in front of people who are more likely to respond. For instance, if you provide a local service and run an ad in your local newspaper, a large number of people are likely to respond because they know your business is located close by. The same is true for magazines about a certain topic because the people who buy a magazine about a specific topic all have one interest in common, which you can tailor your marketing message around.

3.    Attend speaking events

Every week there are numerous speaking events and presentations taking place all across the country. It’s difficult to beat meeting potential business leads and shoppers face-to-face. Attending and talking at local speaking events opens up your business to a larger audience of people. It’s much easier to get your points across and tell people why they should deal with you and your business.

4.    Noticeboards

Noticeboards are usually placed in areas where a lot of people pass by. It’s amazing how many stop and read the ads on these noticeboards and it can be an effective way to generate new business. Offices, shopping centres and a range of other public areas feature noticeboards and are the perfect places to advertise. However, make sure you create ads people will notice and place them in prominent areas of these boards.

5.    Business cards

The humble business card is still one of the most powerful advertising tools business people have. The small size of business cards makes them an extremely portable offline marketing tool, so you can hand them out immediately when you speak with potential clients. As well as this, they are affordable and you can easily distribute them to places where you think they may generate interest in your business.

All of the recent advances in technology have led to a wide range of online marketing strategies that most businesses focus on. However, the tried and trusted offline strategies mentioned above are just as effective and you should seriously consider using them as part of your marketing efforts.