It is not always easy to attract customers. Many people prefer to shop online these days, which has led to a decline of traditional stores on our high streets. 

There are of course many advantages to shopping online, not least the fact that you can shop 24/7 from the comfort of your sofa, but when it comes to buying certain products, there is no substitute for seeing the item in the flesh.

The key to drawing customers in through your showroom doors is to create a pleasant, low-pressure ambiance. Nobody wants to be harassed by an over enthusiastic sales person the moment they set foot over the threshold of a showroom. Nor do they want to freeze to death while they look at sofas. So if your showroom is looking a bit lack-luster or your footfall has declined recently, here are a few tips to help you make your showroom a bit more welcoming.

The Right Sales Technique

Sales techniques vary considerably according to where we shop. In a supermarket, store assistants don’t bother us unless we need help, but if you go to a car sales showroom, you can expect to be hounded by high-pressure sales people working on commission. The latter is most annoying unless you actually do need help, but what you have to decide is which approach works best for your products and if you suspect high-pressure sales tactics are putting people off, encourage your sales staff to back off a bit.

Warm and Welcoming

Customers are more likely to stick around if your showroom is warm and welcoming. This is not always easy to do if the space is rather cavernous, but ambient temperature is important. If it is too cold, people will want to leave, but if it is too hot, they won’t want to stay either.

In cold weather, turn the heating up or install a log burner to provide some nice ambiance and heat up the space. Check out birch firewood for sale from Premier Firewood Company and give your customers a reason to take their coat off and make themselves comfortable for a while. In the summer, make sure you have the air-con running or plenty of fans to cool the air down.

The Right Décor

Décor is more important that you think. Using the right colors and branding helps to create a welcoming vibe. Plain, whitewashed concrete walls are hardly very attractive, so at the very least hang relevant artwork or use color to brighten up the place.

Free Refreshments

Refreshments can encourage customers to walk in and stay for a while. Invest in a coffee machine and a water cooler. Offer customers a freshly brewed coffee, an herbal tea or a cold drink. Or, let them help themselves with no pressure from you.

Pleasant Background Music

A bit of light music is always welcoming, although playing cheesy 80s power ballads on an eternal loop is probably best avoided unless you sell Harley Davidsons for a living.

Don’t forget to give customers a feedback form and enter them into a prize draw as an incentive for leaving their details.