If you’re planning on attending a trade show to promote your company’s products and/or services for the very first time, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed, and perhaps even a little bit confused, regarding how you should go about designing your very first exhibition stand.

Rest assured, though, that it might not be as difficult as you think, especially when you consider the tips below.

Work with professional trade show booth designers

First off, a lot of your frustration, confusion, and fears could be relieved by hiring a company like finesse-exhibitions.co.uk that’s filled with creative professionals and designers who know how to bring your vision for your exhibition stand to life. These people know what it takes to design a trade show booth that will attract the most people while conveying your message to them clearly and boldly.

Investing in professional trade show booth designers will allow you to simply state what you want and get it done without having to worry about doing it yourself. Who wouldn’t want that?! Rest assured that your investment will definitely be worthwhile and that this is a great choice, especially for first-timers.

Use large and elaborate designs

The exhibition hall of a fair - image courtesy of Pixabay

The exhibition hall of a fair – image courtesy of Pixabay

Elaborate and large designs really do work when it comes to exhibition stands because they’ll be able to clearly display your brand’s concept and theme. Opt for three-dimensional pieces that have all of the necessary elements, lighting, fabrics, signage, and artwork to attract visitors and teach them everything they need to know about your company. Get really creative, have fun, and make your exhibition stand a unique one that’s sure to stand out against the competition at the show.

Don’t overdo it with text

When it comes to the text on your exhibition stand, less is always more. Choose wording and phrasing that’s succinct and clear. This means avoiding the use of full sentences and opting instead to get your message across with a single word whenever possible. Action verbs are also really attractive and effective.

Also, use fonts that are clear and large enough to be seen from far away. The text should always align with your brand’s overall image, and it should be placed on the upper half of the stand so it doesn’t end up blocked by the heads of people visiting the booth.

Add lighting

Lighting is an important component of any exhibition stand - image courtesy of Pixabay

Lighting is an important component of any exhibition stand – image courtesy of Pixabay.

Lighting is a necessity because it will help you when it comes to increasing the traffic to your booth and clearly expressing your message to the audience. Not only will visitors be able to clearly read any materials that are on display, but lighting will also create an atmosphere that is attractive and welcoming. Plus, you can use lighting to highlight certain areas of the exhibition stand so that you can draw people’s attention to particular products or services that you want to discuss.

With these tips in mind, you can create a really stellar exhibition stand for your first trade show so you can attract as many visitors as possible and get the highest number of leads possible.