In order to continue increasing your market share it is vital to set yourself up as a person of authority, one that potential clients and customers can trust to know what you are talking about. Here are a few tips on how to establish yourself as an authority in your industry so that you can experience greater levels of growth along the way.

Visibility Is Key

When you are trying to establish yourself as an authority on anything whatsoever, becoming visible is key. Unless people see what you have and hear what you know, there is no way to be authoritative on anything. One of the best ways to do this is to set up an online presence approached from a great number of directions. Yes you need a website with content that is informative and accurate but you also need a following. Do this through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The more followers you gather, the more others will listen to you. After all, if that many people like what you have to say, you must know what you are talking about!

Host Online Events – Teleseminars

Once you have developed a following, it’s time to begin hosting online events. Many people who are not yet comfortable speaking in large assemblies find it is easier to begin with teleseminars. Although you are all visible to each other via webcams, it isn’t quite as threatening when getting the hang of public speaking. The object is to talk life with people so that they can see what you know, ask questions and gain a healthy respect for what you have to say. Until you become comfortable sharing your wisdom face-to-face, you will probably remain in relative obscurity. Remember, experts are highly public personages and this is what you are working to develop.

You Know You Are an Authority When…

You know you are an authority when you book a venue in a large city like London and speak to almost sold-out crowds – if not sold out completely! However, those days may be in the future. When you are ready to get your feet wet, you can search for the right size venue at conference venues and choose one that will host the number of people you can attract. When trying to establish yourself as an authority, be aware of the fact that the size venue you book should not be too small to signal pessimism yet not too large that a great number of vacant seats will be noticeable. By this time you should be able to gauge how large a crowd you can attract, so book your venue accordingly.

Don’t forget that visibility is key to establishing yourself as an authority in any industry whatsoever. Advertise, blog, post, use social media, videos, teleconferences and whatever else it takes but get your name and brand out there! Unless they know you are there, and there for the long term, you will never stand a chance of becoming an authority. In this case, all roads do lead to Rome so use every vehicle at your disposal if you want to reign supreme!