It allows schools to expand their indoor teaching space without having to invest in permanent construction. And because modular buildings these days are so good, many schools eventually end up keeping these temporary structures effectively permanently as part of the school’s layout, because they offer so many advantages compared to going ahead with a conventional building project.

Here are some of the reasons why schools who have used modular classrooms are so happy with them:

Modular Classrooms Are Cheaper

School sizes can grow, and it is important that there is enough room for every child to learn comfortably. Equally, many schools would like to introduce rooms for specific purposes, such as IT suites, but do not have the space to do so. When classroom space is an issue, the cheapest way to get more of it is by creating modular classrooms, which cost far less than building work.

Building Modular Classrooms is Less Disruptive

Building work is not really something you want going on when there are kids running around, so you may need to close off a whole area of your school grounds while the work is going on, making space even more of a premium. Depending on the size of a building project, it isn’t usually possible for it to be completely finished over the school holidays. Modular classrooms, however, are quick to set up, and the companies who provide them know how important it is that the work is done within school holiday periods if that is what you decide.

Modular Classrooms Are Environmentally Friendly

In schools, we tend to teach our pupils to be environmentally aware and to care about things like carbon emissions and recycling. Modular classrooms are far greener than doing a conventional construction project, and the process of putting them in place doesn’t alter the land or release chemicals and gases that building work can. Modular classrooms are also reused, so when one school has finished with one, it can be refurbished and used by another school. When the modular classrooms reach the end of their lives, the parts they are made of are recycled, meaning they are one of the greenest forms of building there is. You can find out more about the different types of modular classrooms here.

Modular Classrooms Are Safe and Comfortable

A modular classroom can be fitted with all the health and safety features you need for a school, including fire alarms. They have electricity and lighting, and can have heating and even air conditioning if required. They make attractive, comfortable learning spaces where pupils will be just as safe as in the main school building.

Modular classrooms are a really good idea for schools who want to create more space for learning without a prolonged building project or using up budget that could be better spent on other needs!