As a result, the vast majority of businesses have standard security procedures in place, including alarm systems and CCTV cameras.

Standard security is usually enough for regular businesses, but for some, extra security protocols will be necessary. There are several reasons for this, but good examples of buildings and structures requiring extra security include airports, prisons, military bases, power stations, animal testing facilities and medical research laboratories.

Why is Security So Important?

Buildings and facilities of this nature are frequently targets for terrorism and protestors. Without stringent security protocols in place, the people working there and the information contained therein are vulnerable, which could be disastrous for all concerned.

There is also the issue of legal and regulatory compliance to consider. High-risk facilities such as animal testing laboratories and the like are particularly vulnerable to human threats and without adequate security measures in place the centre is exposed on a number of fronts.

Physical security measures are the first line of defence. Security fencing, secure access gates and security personnel all play their part in protecting the facility from human threats.

Security Gates for Added Protection

Security gates are essential in high-security complexes. They offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Cantilever sliding security gates or similar can be designed to fit the exact width of the space.
  • Gates don’t need to be manned if remote security systems are put in place, for example number plate recognition and pass code entry panels.
  • Security gates can also be used in conjunction with other medical research security measures, such as high security perimeter fencing and alarm systems.
  • Security gates can be ‘locked down’ in the event of a major threat, so even if security personnel are overpowered by insurgents, the gates can be locked from within the facility.
  • High strength security gates are usually extremely strong and able to withstand pressure from vehicles and minor explosive devices.
  • Security gates allow the business to control access at all times. If CCTV cameras are installed next to the gate, security personnel can watch the comings and goings of visitors and staff from inside the building, which is useful after dark.
  • A high specification sliding security gate is a good deterrent against intruders. All but the most determined intruders will try and break through a steel security gate.

Using a Trusted Security Contractor

When security is a major issue, it makes sense to hire the services of an experienced contractor. This will give your business the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have worked with numerous other organisations with similar requirements and are specialists in the field of mitigation against hostile attack from terrorists and other types of insurgents.

There are a number of different factors to take into consideration when planning security for a high-risk facility, so make sure you do a full risk analysis as part of the risk management process.