With the constant demand to reduce costs whilst increasing productivity and ensuring the best quality product, profit margins are constantly at risk. Companies are investing more time and money into continuous improvement and lean programmes as a method of achieving significant cost reductions.

Lean methodology and tools are often implemented as part of a continuous improvement programme to drive positive change within a business. When implemented correctly, a lean programme will increase productivity, raise employee engagement, reduce waste and decrease costs.

The Lean Manufacturing conference will focus on the implementation of lean methodology and ways to overcome potential problems that can arise such as lack of employee engagement and replacing a lean champion. Case studies from companies who can demonstrate how they have overcome these issues will provide a solid basis for idea sharing between peers.

Topics and themes include:

  • Using lean to help your company cope through times of business difficulty
  • How lean tools and techniques can help your business when issues arise within continuous improvement programmes
  • Creating employee engagement and sustaining your lean programme
  • The importance of a lean education
  • Understanding that lean tools and technologies do not negatively affect your customers experience
  • Developing ways to sustain your lean programmes when your lean champions leave your company
  • Ensuring that all employees within your company share the same strategy and view on your lean manufacturing programme –

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Date: 19th March, 2015.

Price: £395 +VAT.

Location: Conference Aston, Birmingham.