Brenton Harder reviews Anne Ponton’s Lean Six Sigma: Coach me if you can.

Our mission as lean leaders is to continuously improve the way our organisations function, and we learn early in our careers that an ever growing community is a key ingredient in sustained success. However, building engaged communities requires considerable time and effort in coaching and development of our black belts, green belts and other quality associates. But what if we could build, morph, and craft a lean six sigma expert in just 22 weeks?

Anne Ponton shows us how to systematically coach, train, and fully develop lean six sigma practitioners in her new book. It is a highly usable and practical “cookbook” dealing with every element involved in lean six sigma coaching. Thanks to practical step-by-step recipes, Anne provides guidance to black belts and master black belts in successfully coaching future green and black Belts. The book also helps green belts to successfully run their own process improvement projects, offer guidance to successfully orientate their quality journey and become responsible for their own output. To managers of current and future lean six sigma experts, it is an essential guide to managing expectations, assigning responsibilities, further developing capability, and continually motivating the creativity and growth of your quality team. It also appeals to curious readers keen to understand the process excellence mindset and figure out what it takes and what it means to be a change and innovation expert.

This is the first book I’ve seen bring together the lean six sigma methodology and practical coaching techniques applicable to any quality deployment. Unveiling tips and tools critical to success and outlining the benefits to be expected throughout the deployment, Lean Six Sigma: Coach me if you can is a ‘must-read’ manual to accelerate community and ensure you build a culture of continuous improvement.

Do not expect a passive reading! I guarantee your highlighter will be dry before you get to the last chapter, and I am confident that Anne’s check-list will soon become a best practice in many lean six sigma engagements across the world.